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about us

Our mission is to help you...

Baker Hardman is an independent Law Firm amalgamating many years of various industry specific experience. We are Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Baker Hardman Solicitors are a team of award-winning solicitors offering a wide range of different legal services. Our Preston based lawyers  are the number one choice for advice on a wide range of different areas including, personal injury, immigration, credit hire, debt recovery.



With over 30 years of experience,  we have gained in-depth knowledge the broad range of areas, ensuring we meet you expectations and fulfil your needs. With our friendly approach, and our extensive knowledge base, we are able to provide the correct advice for any situation that may arise in your case. 

We understand every case differs from the next, thus we make sure our legal services are dynamic; suiting your specific needs and requirements.

Our solicitors are determined to get the best outcome for every case they deal with no matter the scale or the complexity. We are passionate to ensure justice is served for every one of our cases. 

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"Baker Hardman's approach has been a little unique. Our experts really get to know the people we help.

Our Services are tailored to any situation and any client. We understand every case is different and therefore our legal services are dynamic; suiting your needs."