CIVIL Litigation

Call our civil dispute solicitors in Preston if you are thinking about taking legal action on another individual or organisation. We have handled civil litigation cases that involved minor to major issues that affected the reputation of our clients. To settle the cases, our clients were legally entitled to claim a remedy such as:

• Declaratory relief to affirm duties and rights

• Compensation to recover losses

• Obtaining an injunction to either prevent someone from doing or requiring them to do something

Our civil litigation solicitors help you understand your options in terms of the chances of your success and the costs involved in your case. They also provide advice on the funding arrangements available if you decide to pursue your litigation case in court. At Baker Hardman Law Solicitors, we can assist you with different types of claims associated with civil litigation including:

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To maximise the chances of settlement, we highly recommend you to seek legal advice early from our civil litigation solicitors in Preston. Civil litigation includes a wide range of areas such as but not limited to:

• Property and Building Disputes

• Landlord and Tenant Disputes

• Nuisance Claims

• Consumer Rights

• Protection from Harassment

• Debt Collection

Whatever your dispute is, we will evaluate your claim and provide you with legal advice regarding the next steps that should be taken. We make sure to understand all the relevant documentation and claims to formulate an action plan that settles your dispute. If we see that your claim can be improved, we can help you formulate a better one, improving your chances of a successful claim.

How to deal with Civil Litigation?

Initially a party known as a Claimant, should send a letter before action setting out the basis of their claim. The receiving party, known as the Defendant, should then send a letter of response. If the Defendant does so the parties can enter into correspondence with a view to trying to reach an amicable agreement.

If the Defendant does not reply, or the correspondence breaks down, the Claimant can issue proceedings at Court. Which court the claim should be commenced in depends on the value and nature of the claim. Starting proceedings in the wrong Court can lead to delays in the matter being dealt with.

Once the proceedings have been sent to the Court and subsequently the Defendant, the Defendant has a set timeframe within which to file a Defence to the proceedings. Failure to do so could result in a Judge making an order in favour of the Claimant based on what the Claimant is claiming.

Providing a Defence is filed, then the Court sets out a timeframe within which each party is to comply with what are known as Directions. Failure to comply with this Directions can result in your claim or Defence being struck out.

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