Credit Hire

If you were involved in a car accident which was not your fault and your car is damaged, you are entitled to obtain a replacement vehicle

If you cannot afford to pay for the damage or the replacement car, you are allowed to use a replacement vehicle on a credit hire basis. This is not a courtesy vehicle as it is often mistaken to be.  It is a car your are hiring on credit and agreeing to pay for it later.

A credit hire is billed on a daily basis and the cost is dependent on the model, specs and value of the car. Insurance providers will get you a car that is similar to your own. However, if they cannot find an identical model, they will provide you a similar model vehicle. 

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What is Credit Hire?

Credit hire refers to the supply of a like-for-like replacement hire vehicle on a credit basis to the non-fault party.

The credit hire company recovers its hire costs from the driver at fault’s insurer upon the settlement of the claim.

Problems can arise between credit hire companies and vehicle owners. The damaged vehicle’s owner signs a contractual agreement with a credit hire company and hires a vehicle from the credit hire company on a basis of a credit agreement.

The payment is covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company whereas the non-fault driver will not be charged.

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