Mis-Selling Energy

Do you know you've been charged incorrectly for your business energy?

If your business has ever used the services of an energy broker to find you the best deals for gas, electricity or water.  You will be surprised to know how easy this has been mis-sold.

Energy brokers /consultants (also known as ‘third party intermediaries’ or ‘TPIs’) have been operating in the commercial energy market for a number of years.  Business are not aware this is an unregulated market and that mis-selling is not uncommon.

Although, not all TPIs are mis-selling,  we do know there are a great number who make inaccurate statements about how they are paid, why they are offering deals or suppliers, many times we have found they do not discuss fees with clients.  Brokers add a hidden charge in your contract (which is often disclosed on bills) meaning that the brokers are earning a hidden commission which is paid from the supplier via the clients bill.  In most cases the broker is usually considering their own financial gains, resulting in not meeting or focusing on the clients needs. 

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How do energy brokers mis-sell?

You’ll most likely never know how much your energy broker made in total from arranging your business contract.  From what we have gathered,  most business don’t know about any hidden charges and the total cost to them. unfortunately there’s a perfectly good reason for this too.

If Brokers fully disclosed all charges and costs, they wouldn’t make any of the higher commissions.  Being 100% transparent would mean, you would not agree to sign a contract/deal if you were aware that you were paying a large amount of the bill going directly to the broker.

Brokers regularly state their service is free or the Broker’s fee is often paid by the supplier.  Sometimes this maybe the case, however hidden fee’s are not disclosed and a built in unit price is arranged for you again this is not disclosed.  You’ll be surprised to know the hidden costs are often up to 50% of the clients bill. 

We're here to help you make your Business Energy Claim.

As the commercial market is unregulated it can become difficult to recover these charges.  We aim to challenge brokers to become more transparent, our expert teams with their legal knowledge and experience with thoroughly review your contract with the broker in question.

We will identity mis-sold contracts, hidden commissions and broker negligence.  Our process is simple, complete the online form and we will contact you to discuss your claim and get our team working for you straight away!  

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