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Large companies in the UK are subject to VAT and these rules can often be complex and change due to current government practice.  It is vital that you receive specialist advice to minimise any potential liabilities or penalties.  We have a team of industry experts that are specialist in VAT legislation.  Our dedicated team are fully trained and can confidently deal with any disputes with HMRC.  With our experience and expertise in dealing with HMRC we are at the number one choice when resolving these disputes.

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MTIC fraud relates to the theft of VAT, by exploiting the VAT rules. Where the movement of small goods between member states which is VAT-free.

All VAT is paid to HMRC, any suspected MTIC fraud is likely to be investigated by HMRC’s investigator’s and if they determine any losses have been incurred, you will be pursued for full repayment with the maximum penalties that can be applied.  Our specialist team have a high rate of  success in overturning decisions to withhold input tax resulting in the repayment of withheld tax alongside interest and costs.


Import and export businesses are required to comply with many complex customs and excise rules/regulations.  Failing any rules can result in high penalties and reputational damage.  Our team work pro-actively with our clients to avoid disputes and to assist clients to ensure compliance, also we assist in tax planning to boost your profits.  If you find HMRC have alleged rules and regulations have been breached, we will challenge HMRC’s findings.  Our solicitors have the experience in overturning HMRC decisions and unlawful tax and duties.


We handle disputes and investigations for our clients across all areas of tax, including private individuals, family businesses, trustees, entrepreneurs and companies both large and small.  Our trained solicitors effectively manage individual cases with the experience and expertise that you need.  We have a thorough understanding of the legal process and HMRC’s procedures, on how to gain HMRC resolutions and settle tax cases, as well as detailed knowledge of the UK tax legislation.  We provide specialist advice to guide clients through what can be a complex and stressful process.


“The Solicitors at Barker Hardman were extremely professional  in advising and guiding me.  Most importantly calming my nervous and putting my mind at rest by handling everything professionally and efficiently.”


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