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Undisputed Debt Resolution

If you are owed money in connection with an undisputed invoice or contract, and you have issues recovering the funds owed, we can contact the third party and recover the funds on your behalf. 

Complications in undisputed resolutions arise in the way a dispute is resolved. A range of factors to be considered are the amount of time to reach a resolution, the expenses involved, privacy and confidentially.  This is why we encourage our clients to settle quickly and out of court.


Contract Disputes Resolution for Businesses

Dealing with contract disputes can be challenging and time-consuming. Not to mention the stress it can cause on you and your business.  Which is why we advise to make a rational decision based on the best interest of your business.  If a company you have a business contract with has breached that agreement, our dispute solicitors can help.  A breach of contract can damage your business, making it is necessary to bring the dispute to an end as soon as possible.   

We have worked with and provided commercially focused and pragmatic advice to individuals and companies of all sizes, including sole-traders, SMEs and large organisations.  We have gained an understanding that every business is different and requires its own tailored solution.  We will help you to avoid costly court fees or unnecessary delays in resolving issues.  Our team of experienced commercial litigation solicitors will advise and assist you no matter the circumstances of your dispute.

What We Can Do For You​

We recover debts which are subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts for clients across England.  

We strive to maximise your recovery by seeking interest on the bad debt. Our service is fast, efficient and we offer clear and transparent costs.


How Are We Different?​

We offer a personal service, with quality advice in clear plain language. You can  instruct us by phone and email, and we will keep you informed of an early appraisal of the Debtor’s position.  We will make an immediate demand on receipt of instructions and pursue proceedings, selecting the most appropriate mode of enforcement once Judgment has been entered on your claim. We provide regular reports, so you know exactly how your claim is progressing.

Whatever legal issue your business is faced with, Baker Hardman have the experience and expertise to help solve it.

Baker Hardman Debt Recovery Team are highly recognised, our reputation for a quality and effective debt recovery service far exceeds us and the expectations of our clients.

We’re pragmatic when it comes to understanding commercial business. Having an effective credit control is vital to any business, and when bad debt needs to be recovered we know you need to get this done fast.

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Our Services are tailored to all situation and every client. We understand every case is different and therefore our legal services are dynamic; suiting your needs.